Caylee Anthony was 'without a doubt' murdered, according to the doctor who examined the toddler’s body.

Appearing on ‘Anderson’, Dr Jan Garavaglia said that homicide was the only explanation for Caylee’s death.

“It was a homicide... Without a doubt,” she told Anderson Cooper.

The doctor criticized Casey Anthony’s legal team for making arguments in court which she said did not have 'any basis in fact'.

When asked by Anderson Cooper about what she thought of Casey Anthony’s life now, Dr Garavaglia said: “I really don't care about her behavior now”.

The trial is over. Her behavior was very much a part of calling this a homicide those first 31 days but I don't follow her, I don't really care what happens to her,” she added.
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When asked if she had considered a possible scenario to explain the 2-year-old’s death, she replied: “It doesn't matter, there was nothing I can scientifically prove. I don't ever guess. I really don't like guessing, I don't like speculating because that's not my job.

“My job is to see what the body can tell us and what it can't tell us.'

Cooper asked: 'And what her body told you was what?”

Dr Garavaglia replied: 'It was a homicide... Without a doubt.'

Known as 'Dr G', Dr Garavaglia is Chief Medical Examiner for Orange and Osceola counties in Florida, and presents her own television show, Dr G: Medical Examiner, on Discovery Fit & Health.

Watch a clip from Anderson below: 

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