READ MORE: Desperate single Irish mother tries to sell home on YouTube

A divorced Irish mother has sold her Wicklow mansion with the help of YouTube – now she has to persuade her bank to accept the bid for just over half of what she owes them.

Jillian Godsil, a mother of two in her 40s, was so desperate to sell the family home in the Wicklow village of Shillelagh that she advertised it on YouTube.

Now, after over 7,000 YouTube viewings, she’s accepted an offer of €500,000 for the Raheengraney House property she bought for €130,000 in the late 90s then renovated at a cost of €400,000.

Problem is that the current €500,000 offer is far less than the €900,000 she now owes the bank after remortgaging the property.

“To be fair the bank has been quite patient so I am hopeful they will accept. After all the deal is better than the offer I got last year of only €400,000,” Godsil told the Irish Independent.

Raheengraney House was valued at €1.5million at the height of the boom and was the subject of a €1.1million offer when it first went on the market in 2007 but that deal fell through.

Godsil, who now lives in a two bed rented cottage with her teenage daughters, then rented the house but her tenant moved out in January.

“I felt I had to do something as I could not afford to keep it. So I asked myself, how will I sell this and the idea of trying to get it all over the internet came into my mind,” she revealed.

“It was a skill set that I had used in my job so I decided to apply it to trying to sell the house.”

Raheengraney House