Divers in Fermoy, County Cork, have been trying to solve the mystery surrounding a railway carriage found on the bed of the River Blackwater.

Members of the Blackwater Sub Aqua Club in Fermoy discovered the remains of the carriage a number of months ago under the old Fermoy Viaduct which was formerly used as a crossing point for trains over the river prior to the closure of the Fermoy to Mallow railway line in 1967.

The recent good weather has provided the team of divers with a chance to photograph, video and sketch all of the man-made items discovered on the river bed with clearer visibility than they have had for the past six months, reveals The Corkman.

"With visibility underwater the best it has been for the past six months, members have been diving under the viaduct to see if there were any more remnants of the carriage left," said one of the divers. "We are hoping that this might help find out exactly what kind of a carriage it was. We are also hoping to solve the mystery of how it got there," he added.

All of the data collected will then be sent to experts in antique railway systems in the hope that they will be able to shed some light on the mystery. The divers hope to be able to solve the mystery of the submerged railway carriage over the coming weeks.


Dive team try to investigate how a railway carriage ended up at the bottom of River BlackwaterCorkman