Dissident Republicans have been blamed for the murder of a pizza delivery man in Belfast on Saturday night.

Father of one Kieran McManus was blasted at point blank range outside Domino’s Pizza in West Belfast.

The 26-year-old was approached by a gunman as he prepared to deliver food from the outlet.

He died shortly after the attack in hospital with police pinning the murder on the Real IRA.

The Irish Sun reports that McManus was involved in a feud with dissidents.

The paper says he was awaiting trial on charges of almost killing a man in a feud with dissident republicans in 2010.

A Belfast court was told the victim in the case had temporarily lost his sight and hearing and had to undergo major surgery to reconstruct his arm.

McManus was accused of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, affray, threats to damage property and having a knife.

Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister David Ford told the paper that he condemned the murder ‘in the strongest possible terms’.

He said: “There can be no cause that can justify the taking of a precious human life and no excuse can explain the suffering that results.”

Sinn Fein West Belfast assembly member Paul Maskey said: “It’s hard to comprehend how somebody can come out and kill someone who is at their work.”