The Continuity IRA is suspected of mounting a campaign against the business empire lost by bankrupt billionaire Sean Quinn.

The Fermanagh born businessman was once Ireland’s richest man but lost it all in the Celtic Tiger collapse.

His Quinn group headquarters in Derrylin were attacked again on Thursday when dissident Republicans attempted to blow up a diesel tanker outside the offices.

The Sunday Independent reports that the Continuity IRA gang attempted to detonate a stolen diesel tanker in the most serious incident since the group was dissolved and taken into ownership of the Aventas Group.

The report says the tanker failed to explode after the attackers set fire to the cab of the lorry outside the reception area of the group’s headquarters.

The local fire brigade and police brought the blaze under control but officers say they faced a ‘considerable’ threat to their lives.

Police in the Republic believe the attack was carried out by a former Provisional IRA unit based south of the border.

A statement from the Aventas group described the incident as ‘moronic’.

The statement added: “This is just the latest in a campaign of sabotage the company had endured.”

Dissident Republicans have also been blamed for a bomb in Belfast on Friday night which caused havoc at the height of the Christmas party season.