Convicted IRA bomber Dolours Price has again claimed that Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams ordered terrorist strikes that claimed lives.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph in an interview reprinted by the Sunday Independent, Price said that Adams sanctioned the Old Bailey bombing which killed one man and injured 200 more.

IRA member Price was jailed for eight years for her part in the atrocity.

In the interview, Price claims that Adams was her ‘Officer Commanding’ in the Belfast Brigade of the Provisional IRA.

She also says he was involved in approving an IRA bombing campaign in Britain and ordered her to drive alleged informers across the border from Northern Ireland into the Republic where they would later be executed.

A Sinn Fein spokesman has denied the Price claims in a statement to the Sunday Independent.

The spokesman said: “Gerry Adams has consistently denied that he was ever in the IRA.

“Dolours Price is not very friendly towards Sinn Fein these days, she is an anti-peace process republican.

“As Mr Adams has denied that he was in the IRA, by extension he denies the specific charges of directing terrorism made against him.”

The report says that Price and IRA man Brendan Hughes had also implicated Adams as an IRA leader in the Boston College Tapes.

The tapes were originally recorded by the college on the understanding that they would not be released until all the participants were dead.

Police in Belfast have said they want to hear the tapes to help in their investigation into the fate of 16 people known as ‘The Disappeared’ who were murdered between 1972 and 1985 many of whose remains have not been located.

Interviewed in Dublin by the Sunday Telegraph, Price remains unrepentant about her own IRA activities and remains opposed to the peace process.

She said: “It is a betrayal of the cause, a betrayal of me, a betrayal of anybody he sent out to do any kind of operation, or active service, and you know, who sent me to London?

“Who sent me to London to blow it up? Gerry Adams. Yeah, fully sanctioned.”

Speaking to reporter Bob Graham, she added: “I presented the plan to Gerry Adams and he then had to take it to the whole brigade staff, people such as Ivor Bell.

“They then had to sent it up to the general headquarters staff and then to Sean MacStiofain, then the chief of staff. They had to discuss and sanction it, which they did.”

The full interview is available here.