The digital music player Spotify is considering establishing their operations center in Dublin city.

Their potential new offices will join with Google, Facebook and Zynga, among other digital media platforms with major offices in Ireland’s capital. Last year Twitter confirmed that they would locate their international headquarters in Dublin.

According to reports on SiliconRepublic, Spotify personnel were sent to Dublin recently on a fact-finding mission. They were tasked with checking out the city and meeting with senior managers of other top internet companies based in Dublin.

The Swedish company,  Spotify has set the standard for online music services. It has more than 20 million monthly users. Last September they announced their integration with Facebook’s timeline.

The site allows subscribers to listen to unlimited amounts of music using their PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android and more.

Funnily enough the service, as yet, has not been launched in Ireland.

Artwork illustrating what Spotify are all about