Irish rugby stars Ronan O'Gara and Brian O'Driscoll are under fire in some quarters for apparently being rude to the English Queen. O'Driscoll had his hands over his mouth while O'Gara had his hands in his pockets. Were they being rude? What do you think?

The Irish rugby team – who were celebrating their most successful season ever, having won the “Grand Slam” in the Six-Nations rugby tournament in April – met the queen in Belfast on Thursday.

Press photos of the meeting show the queen being introduced to the Irish team by their captain, Brian O’Driscoll who then puts his hand over his mouth.

At the same time, O’Gara, another star player, is standing casually holding his hands in his pockets while the queen stands a foot or two away from him.

One blogger wrote that “his parents never taught him manners” and that he should have shown the queen a bit more respect.

On a forum of a Web site for the Irish rugby club Munster, one fan wrote, “The Irish team were being congratulated by the queen, and O’Gara stood with his hands in his pockets. Just wanted to express my disgust in his behavior.”

On the same forum, another wrote, "As a grown-up country you show respect to other country's leaders regardless as to how they attained that position.” 

However, a representative of Munster, where O’Gara also plays, defended the star, said, "I think that he spoke very well. I believe Ronan always acts in a correct and respectful manner. He always represents his country very well."

Meanwhile, fellow player Stephen Ferris said that when he was introduced to the queen, "I asked her for a pint of Harp and a packet of crisps!"