Did Aristotle Onassis have Bobby Kennedy killed by a member of the PLO in October 1968 because Bobby was trying to stop his marriage to Jackie Kennedy?

The long suppressed assertion will form the basis for a new play and film, based on an overlooked 2004 book Nemesis by author Peter Evans according to the London Sunday Times.

The play “Onassis” is set to open in London on October14th and spark a new round of intrigue about who was behind the killing of Bobby Kennedy.

Evans says that he has proof that links Sirhan Sirhan to the PLO and directly to Onassis. Onassis married Jackie just four months after Bobby was gunned down in Los Angeles.

He says it was well known that Onassis hated Bobby Kennedy with a passion because Bobby was trying to stop Jackie marrying him.
He also knew that Jackie worshipped Bobby and would always depend on him for advice and that she would heed what he said about not marrying Onassis.

Enter Mahmoud Hamshari of the Palestine Liberation Organization who was seeking protection money not to hijack one of Onassis’s Olympic Airline planes.

The protection money pay out was normal at the time says writer Peter Evans to stop planes being hijacked.

Hamshari was also furious at the United States for backing Israel in the six-day war and at the Kennedys for also providing that support. He wanted to knock –off a major American figure.

 Casey says he has proof that Onassis paid Hamshari  $2 million to arrange to have Bobby Kennedy killed, $18 million in today’s money.
Evans says that names founding Sirhan Sirhan’s notebook after he killings are significant. There is a reference to Fiona Thysen, who was seeing Onassis’s son and to Niarchos, a reference to Onassis’s bitter Greek shipping rival.

Evans had worked on a book with Onassis starting n 1968 but Onassis pulled out of the project.

Afterwards a close friend of Onassis a lawyer named Yannis Georgakis told Evans he had “missed the real story.” and that Onassis’s daughter, Christine had told him that money paid to Hamshari had been used to finance Sirhan Sirhan’s operation.

The London play director Marc Sherman says he was persuaded by Evans book.

“I was very impressed with his sources, ” he told the London Times.