An Irish grandmother who murdered her husband threw a party to celebrate.

She also  burned the body and buried it but later dug up her husband’s head and paraded around with it on a pitchfork.

Vera McGrath, from County Westmeath, was found guilty of killing her husband Brian by beating him to death aided by her son-in -law in 1987.

The murder was one of a number of ‘cold case’ files recently reopened  by Irish police.

The court heard there was bad blood between the deceased and his son in law and that Vera McGrath took her son in law’s side during a bloody fight.

McGrath was found guilty of murder at Central Criminal Court on Monday and was  jailed for life. A statement from her daughter led to the case being re-opened.

Pinder, 47, was convicted  of McGrath's manslaughter and will be sentenced in November.

Pinder's son Leon told  the media his "devil" grandmother boasted to him about the killing.

"She decided to burn the body — they had a party when they did it. At one stage my grandfather's head was on a pitchfork and held up," Pinder, 22, said.

"Vera danced around the fire. The skull was smashed to pieces — I was told it was nearly smashed to dust."

Pinder said his grandmother also told him how the victim pleaded for his life before he was beaten to death by McGrath and his father.