Over 100 failed asylum seekers are taking to the streets of Dublin to protest against deportation orders.

The asylum seekers are set to protest outside government buildings and are demanding to stay in Ireland with their Irish born children.

Irish group Residents Against Racism is organizing the protest. The group highlights the plight and deportation of parents of Irish born children.

Many of the protesters have been handed their deportation notices and can be arrested and deported at any time.

Residents Against Racism spoke woman Rosanna Flynn said, "In time of severe cutbacks, the Government has found thousands of euro to fill two deportation flights already this month."

“Both flights included parents of Irish citizens, spouses of Irish citizens and people who had not exhausted the legal process of appealing against deportation.”

Flynn was also baffled by the fact that some of those deported were sent back to war torn states such Afghanistan and Iraq.

Alfred, a Nigerian protester arrived in Ireland four years ago to join his wife and three children. In 2004 a referendum overturned the automatic right to citizenship for children born in Ireland.

“I have now been served with a deportation order and could be sent back to Nigeria at any time,” said Alfred.

Alfred's children can stay in Ireland with their mother but he may be deported as he joined his family after the constitutional change to Irish citizenship.