The chief executive of Denny's made his first public statement on the Irish Famine pancakes furor that erupted in February.

Nelson Marchioli, president & CEO, said he was urged by NY District Attorney Joe Hynes to go public.

He spoke about the gaffe on the long-running Adrian Flannelly show Saturday, which prompted several callers to ring in.

In February, Denny's announced a Free Pancakes and Fries Promotion to mark the 150th anniversary of the Irish Famine.

After much negative press and a public backlash they pulled the ad from TV and issued the following so-called apology:

"Denny's has a history of using humor in its television advertising. It is certainly not the intention of the company to offend anyone or any group, and we apologize if this spot has in any way. As a result of the feedback we have received from our customers the spot will no longer be on the air after Tuesday. We thank those who took the time to contact us."

The apology placated exactly nobody.

As many people commented on our pages; "they didn't apologize for what they did, they only responded to the reaction."

Another reader said "FYI, they are still running the "special" which should be pulled also!”

Another user was far more succinct in his opinion of the whole affair: “Denny's Sucks.”