Ireland’s richest man, Denis O’Brien, has lost his multi-million-dollar libel case against the Sunday Business Post

Denis O'Brien had claimed defamation after being named as one of the biggest bank debtors in Ireland. He claimed he was lumped in with other non-performing debts when he was actually in very good standing.

The verdict was by a majority as the eleven jurors could not agree unanimously.

Three witnesses testified - O’Brien; journalist and former deputy editor at the SBP Tom Lyons, and its former editor Ian Kehoe – during the trial.

The Sunday Business Post journalists denied defaming O'Brien who was seeking extensive damages.

This afternoon, the jury said they couldn't reach a majority verdict.

Mr. Justice Bernard Barton told the jury: “There are circumstances, and this is one of them, where a court can accept a majority verdict.”

He said there were very strict conditions attached that nine of the eleven must agree.