Billionaire Irish businessman Denis O'Brien flew into Haiti last night with a plane stuffed with relief supplies for the Irish aid agency Concern.

O'Brien brought in 110,000lb cargo of medical supplies, food and water ready from neighboring Jamaica along with Concern CEO Tom Arnold.

The big-hearted telecoms boss has already pledged $5m to help Haiti while another $500,000 has been raised by Digicel customers.

Digicel has also given away $10m in call credit to its 2 million plus customers in Haiti where it has managed to maintain domestic and international phone service.

Speaking on Irish radio from Port-au-Prince this morning O'Brien said the scale of the devastation in Haiti was "absolutely quite shocking."

He said the streets were crammed with rubble and make-shift sleeping areas.

"People are too afraid to go into their houses," he said. "They are petrified that the walls and ceiling will come down."

Digicell employs about 900 people in Haiti and O'Brien said that only about 300 had been accounted for.

"No-one has been untouched," he said.

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