A defrocked former Irish priest who was named as one of the worst serial child abusers has claimed he has been cured and that he no longer posed a "threat or danger to children".

Bill Carney was accused  by the Murphy report into clerical abuse in the Dublin diocese  of abusing at least 32 children.At least one of them Paul Dwyer, 13 when he was raped, later committed suicide

He was defrocked in 1992, fled Ireland and now lives in Britain in the home of his ex-wife and close to a children’s play area.

Following a local newspaper article in the town of Northleach exposing him he has now responded saying he has been cured.



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"Your article depicts me as a threat or a danger to children. Nothing could be further from the truth," he wrote.

"For over 30 years now I have been a recovering alcoholic and the only mark against my name is three points on my driving licence for doing 38mph in a 40mph area.

"In these 30 years there has not been the slightest suggestion of anything that would indicate that I am a danger to any child.

"I have lived in Northleach for about seven years and I have been in that playground once and again in my time and years in Northleach. Nothing has occurred to suggest that I was in any way, shape of form a danger to the welfare of any child."

Carney compared himself to Andrew  Coulson  former press secretary to David Cameron who was fired after being tied into the News of the World hacking scandal."The Prime Minister said he gave Mr Andy Coulson a second chance and that everyone does deserve a second chance.

"Over 30 years ago was a very low and sad time in my life, I was given a second chance.

"A chance to stop drinking and begin again to live a good life and be a good person. I grabbed that chance with both hands and I am today a good person doing my best to have a good life, one day at a time.

"I know in my heart what kind of person I am today and I know that I do not pose any threat of danger to any child, 30 years surely must mean and say something.

"I am a good honest Christian living as best I can one day at a time and your article and whatever others say, thank God, does not change that. All I ask for is a chance."

The Murphy report said said Carney was “was one of the most serious serial abusers investigated by the Commission," the report stated.

"There is some evidence suggesting that, on separate occasions, he may have acted in concert with other convicted clerical child sexual abusers."

The report quoted from a letter written by the tribunal that defrocked Carney The letter stated: "Like alcoholism there is no hope of cure for the paedophile unless he comes to terms with his complaint.

"To this day the accused has refused - despite a civil court case and much other evidence - to admit that he suffers from this paraphilia."

Carney was  not tried for any of the allegations. In March last year the BBC discovered  him living in Spain.

"I have read the Murphy report six or seven times," he told the programme.

"And I would dispute all of it except that I pleaded guilty to two charges in 1983 and the matter was dealt with by the court and I was sentenced.”