Declan Kelly, the Tipperary-born entrepreneur who is a leading advisor to several of the world's leading CEOs, has announced his decision to resign from FTI, the international consulting company that acquired his company, Financial Dynamics in 2006.

Kelly, 40, and FTI, the $3bn company with operations in over 20 countries, announced on Monday that he had notified them of his intention to resign to pursue other non-commercial opportunities outside the company.

The statement, issued after the close of the stock market on Monday, added that Kelly would continue advising a number of strategically important clients of the company for a further two years in a consulting capacity. FTI acquired Financial Dynamics in 2006 for approximately $340m.

The announcement will inevitably give rise to speculation as to Kelly's next move.

Since the acquisition of Financial Dynamics, Kelly was promoted into the senior management ranks of FTI and was seen by many as a potential CEO of the NYSE-listed company at some point in the future.

He is regarded as one of the world's best strategic advisors especially in the fields of strategic communications, investor relations, public affairs and crisis management.

He has advised several leading Fortune 50 CEOs such as Muhtar Kent, CEO and Chairman of the Coca Cola Company, for many years.

Away from the world of business Kelly has also long been seen as someone likely to be tapped for some form of political office or role at some point if he is interested.

He was one of the leading advisors to now Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, during her run for the Presidency and is also close to her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

He is known to be a strong supporter of the Democratic Party and also was active in supporting now President Obama's campaign after Secretary Clinton dropped out of the Presidential race.

In recent weeks, his younger brother Alan upset predictions in Ireland by winning a seat in the European Parliament elections there.

In addition to his business interests, Kelly serves on the Boards of numerous philanthropic and community-based organizations including a number dedicated to Irish issues, such as the American Ireland Fund, on whose Executive Board he serves. He is also Chairman of the US Foundation Board of NUI Galway, his alma mater.

His opinion is sought on a regular basis by Irish politicians and business people visiting or attempting to do business in the US.

Since coming to the US at the start of this decade Kelly has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the domestic and international business community. He has been honored many times for his achievements with FD, a business which is now recognized as the world leader in its field, and also with FTI which is now one of the world's largest consulting companies.

Last year Kelly was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal by the American Irish Historical Society in front of a sell-out attendance at the Waldorf Astoria.

Kelly was the youngest-ever recipient of the award in the Society's 136-year history, following in the footsteps of other recipients like Ronald Reagan, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Bono, Gabriel O'Byrne, Cardinal O'Connor and Liam Neeson.