David Norris is officially back in the race to become the next President of Ireland – but has yet to receive enough support to contest the election.

As expected the controversial Senator confirmed to Friday night’s Late Late Show on Irish television that he is to once again seek a nomination for the Presidency.

Norris was forced to quit in the summer after public outrage at his support for his former gay lover, convicted of the rape of a 15-year-old boy in Israel.

Public support in a number of opinion polls prompted the Norris u-turn but he has yet to receive enough support amongst members of the Irish parliament to actually get his name on the ballot paper.

“This would be the biggest comeback in Irish political history, I think people love a comeback,” Norris told host Ryan Tubridy. “People understand the idea of a second chance.”

Declining to reveal how many senators or deputies will back his nomination – he needs 20 signatures to run – Norris admitted to facing a real battle on the day Sinn Fein outlined plans to run Martin McGuinness as their candidate.

“It is a fight of course it is, I like a fight,” he said. “This is a poker game,” added Senator Norris who also admitted to his own shortcomings.

“I’m not perfect and I’m not pretending to be perfect. If you’re waiting for a perfect president, you’ll be waiting a long time.”

Senator Norris also explained that the decision to quit the presidential race was a hard one to take. “It wasn’t an easy time, but you get tempered in the fire” he said.

He also condemned the actions of his former partner in Israel. “I was appalled, shocked and horrified on hearing of the conviction. I did not condone or excuse it. I abhor abuse of children.”