Talk show host David Letterman had a surprise in store for his British Prime Minister David Cameron last night when he queried the politician about Ireland live on his show.

According to the Irish Examiner, Cameron was left flabbergasted as Letterman tirelessly quizzed him about Ireland, among other things.

The top man in British politics was asked the difference between Northern Ireland and Ireland. After laughs from the crowd and a successful sidestep from the question, Cameron was then asked about the Queen’s visit. He praised the monarch for the visit, claiming that she was the first member of that family to visit Ireland, but Letterman proved this to be false.

Letterman then moved on to questioning Cameron about Europe, the upcoming US elections, and the Olympics before returning with another shot about Ireland. He asked if Northern Ireland was part of England, to which Cameron replied that it was part of the United Kingdom, not England.

The grilling was all in good sport however, and Cameron even managed to raise a few laughs when talking about Anglo-American relations.

British Prime Minister David CameronGoogle Images