Former Anglo Irish chief executive David Drumm borrowed money from his former employers to invest in a movie starring Colin Farrell.

The disgraced banker, who filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. last month, bought shares in a production company which was behind the film “Triage” in which Farrell played a war zone journalist.

It has emerged that Drumm (44) invested over $40,000 in Darkroom Productions Ltd in 2008.

The investment was funded through a loan from Anglo Irish Bank for over $10,000 which was due to be repaid nine months later. However, the former bank chief never paid the money back, despite securing a tax break because of the investment.

A spokesperson for the production company said they had been unaware that Mr Drumm was an investor.

"Hundreds of people can invest in a film. We generally don't know who the people are. They primarily do so to get a tax break," the spokesman said.

“Triage,” with a reported budget of $13 million, never made a huge impact at the box office.