Independent presidential candidate, Dana Rosemary Scallon’s campaign  team has confirmed that she had a very lucky escape when her car tire blew out on a busy motorway en route to Dublin from Leitrim. The incident happened late Tuesday night.

Her husband Damian, stated afterwards that the tire had been interfered with, and fifteen knife punctures  on the tire discovered.

Irish national television station RTE  has reported that the police have begun an investigation into the sabotage. The police are currently examining the CCTV footage of when and where the car was parked in Carrick-on-Shannon.

Dana’s husband stated  said “It was quite a terrifying, horrifying moment. When you see the tire it kind of sends home to us what were they trying to do - injure us or murder us? Along with doing that, they could have killed someone else.”

“We had no idea until today it was as serious as it is,” he continued. “The AA [The Automobile Association] man really examined the tyre and said he had never seen anything like it...I’m not an expert but it looks like it has been interfered with.

“There’s no explanation for it’.”

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Scallon was asleep in the back of the car when her husband, Damian, lost control . They were driving at 70 miles an hour  when the tire blowout occurred near Kilcock, County Kildare at 9.30pm. There were four people in the car including Scallon’s brother Gerald Brown.

After the incident Scallon said “When I looked at it, it was very scary to look at. I think we are all very lucky to be here today. I never start a journey without saying a little prayer and I think we are all very lucky. As far as I’m concerned it was a very lucky escape.”

Her husband described how he had swerved to avoid the lorry in front and the car behind before regaining control of the car along the side of the motorway.

The car, a Peugeot 508, is being used as Scallon’s campaign car and is covered in election posters. It had been parked outside the Landmark Hotel, in Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim, for several hours during the day.

They had also stopped the car at a service station close to the toll plaza so Brown and Scallon’s husband, Damian, could swap driving duties. Neither of the men had noticed any abnormalities in the handling of the car although it had been raining along the motorway.

Scallon has cancelled her engagements in Wicklow and Wexford for Wednesday, as a result of the incident.