Irish mythology hero Cu Chulainn has undergone a sexy transformation for a new book.

A report in the Irish Independent says that the ancient Irish hero has been given a superhero look.

The paper says that ancient myths have never been this sexy as the new Cu Chulainn is as ‘ripped as Sylvester Stallone in his Rocky days.

Book reviewer John Spain says that Queen Maeve has a body like Lara Croft and tops that barely stay on in the new publication.

Spain adds: “The new illustrations are more like a cross between ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘Game Of Thrones’ than the gentle illustrations in the storybooks of Irish myths and legends we all read as children.”

The report says the new Cu Chulainn picture book is as ferocious, bloody and sexy as anything in a video game.

Entitled ‘Celtic Warrior – the Legend of Cu Chulainn’, the book is to be published next week and is described as a graphic novel that will shock traditionalists and delight teenage readers.

The paper reports that the tale is retold as an epic saga of greed, butchery and sorcery.

The 128-page book has been produced by Will Sliney, a Cork-based illustrator who previously illustrated graphic novels such as ‘Star Wars’, ‘Farscape’ and ‘MacGyver’.

The paper says the stunning illustrations bring to life the story of the boy who was renamed after the giant guard dog he killed and who as a young man singlehandedly defended Ulster against the marauding army of Queen Maeve of Connacht.

The report says the story centres on the myth of The Tain, but also features flashbacks to the hero’s early life.

‘Celtic Warrior – the Legend of Cu Chulainn’ will be published next week by O’Brien Press at €14.99.