The brother of Irish government minister Shane McEntee who committed suicide, allegedly after receiving withering criticism in social media over comments he made defending the Irish budget ,has slammed those who attacked him. Over 3,000 attended his funeral.

Doctor Gerry McEntee, one of Ireland’s leading surgeons, told a packed congregation at his brother’s funeral mass that those who attacked his brother helped kill him.

"Shame on you people, you faceless cowards who sent him horrible messages on the website and on text. Shame on you. I hope you are not proud of what you achieved . If you are, we are in a worse state than I ever thought we were in," he said.

The reaction among political figures has also been strong wit hmany calling for counseling services for politicans who are feeling the brunt of the bad economy.

At his graveside oration Prime Minister Enda  Kenny, a close colleague said : "His reward was never the column inches, never the public praise not even the number one in the ballot box. It was a problem solved, a life saved a future secured. Goodbye Shane I shall see you further on up the road."

In his homily at St. John the Baptist Church, Nobber in Meath,  Fr Michael Sheerin called him a “fine, decent young man , unsparing in his generosity and with his time”.

He was “deeply sensitive over a huge range of issues and concerns, perhaps too sensitive and with too many concerns as many now are surely thinking for his own well-being,” he said.

“If love could have kept Shane alive he would still be with us bubbling with life and laughter and tireless energy,” Fr Sheeran said.

At his removal the night before  Fr Séamus Houlihan, his local parish priest  said “The darkness had almost overcome the world. And God knows, because he didn’t know, and neither did the rest of us, what darkness or what issues were working inside him.”

“No one could say they had never felt this darkness “because if you are honest, you have, at different times, maybe on rare occasions, and for others, many an occasion.

“We can only hope and pray that now Shane will be able to wrap his arms around each one he loves so much and say to each one of them: ‘I haven’t left you. I’m still with you. I’m still the light of your life,’” he said.

Shane McEntee's funeral procession flanked by members of the Irish parlialmentIrish Times