Police in Santa Barbara, California are hunting for this “Crazy Irish” graffiti artist the area of Isla Vista after a Molotov cocktails were thrown at a building and a police patrol car.

The day after the arson attack police found three pieces of graffiti in the area including the moniker “Crazy Irish” and references to the IVFP, the local police foot patrol.

A spokesperson from the police said “The graffiti contains references to the attack on IVFP and includes what appears to be the moniker 'Crazy Irish.'”
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Speaking to the Daily Nexus Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Drew Sugars said “We cannot say that definitely, but it seriously looks like there absolutely could be a connection…That’s what we’re pursuing until we find the person … it’s definitely suspicious that it was a few hundred yards away.”

He made it clear that while he believe it unlikely that the crimes were associated with the “Occupy” movement taking place in the area he would not rule it out. Sugars said he was keeping the communications channels open with the group.

“We’re trying to have daily dialogue and tell them what the rules are … we all need to follow the law,” he said. “There have been a few arrests for camping but no major incidents. We can’t rule out that the attack on Foot Patrol isn’t related to Occupy … it’s certainly something we acknowledge.”