Read more: Craigslist killer death ends ordeal for his Irish fiancée

Read more: Accused Craigslist killer's fiancee a 'sweet Irish girl'

Details of Phillip Markoff, the "Craigslist Killer's", suicide have been revealed by the prison staff at Nashua Street jail where he was found dead.

The killer created a shrine of photographs to his ex-fiancée, spreading her photos out on a table. He then scrawled her name in blood on the back of the door, ABC news has been told.

Boston officials have already begun the investigation into how Markoff, who had already tried to kill himself twice, managed to commit suicide while waiting for trial.

Markoff killed himself on Sunday, the anniversary of what would have been his wedding day. He was set to marry Irish American, and fellow medical student, Megan McAllister.

McAllister, who was clearly very much in love with Markoff, defended him staunchly when he was first arrested but then broke off their engagement when she visited him in prison. This was the first time that he attempted to kill himself by slitting his wrists using a serrated spoon.

Last Sunday, mid-morning the deputy sheriff "sensed something was wrong because the covers were over his head," a source told ABC News. "He went in. Called his name and pulled back the covers and found him."

He had medical training and he had obviously prepared and was determined to die. He used sharpened metal plate, that he took from an electrical socket, to cut major arteries in his ankles, legs and neck. He swallowed toilet paper so he could not be resuscitated and covered his head in a plastic bag before covering himself with a sheet.

Boston City Councilor Steve Murphy ordered the investigation into what went wrong in the prison. He said "Obviously there are serious deficiencies in the management of that operation."

The "Craigslist Killer" was to stand trial for the murder of Julissa Brisman and the burglary of two other women. He had posted advertisements on Craigslist offering sensual massages luring the women in.

Djuna Perkins, the attorney for Brisman's mother, said that his suicide has now denied the family an opportunity to confront him and hear the details of their loved one's final moments.

She said "First, he took their daughter from them, then he denied that opportunity for them…Many people who deal with homicide never get over it, but the criminal trial allows them to confront the suspect, hear the evidence and reach some resolution in the case."
Megan McAllister could not be reached for comment. She has not issued a statement since her former boyfriend died.

Read more: Craigslist killer death ends ordeal for his Irish fiancée

Read more: Accused Craigslist killer's fiancee a 'sweet Irish girl'