Barbara Sheehan attempted to change her travel plans on the Internet on the morning she shot her husband dead.

Sheehan is currently standing trial in Queens for the 2008 murder of Raymond Sheehan, a retired NYPD sergeant, who died after she shot him 11 times, with two guns.

Detective Joseph Garcia detailed a time-frame of the mother’s web history on February 18, 2008, the morning of the offense. Minutes before she shot her husband she attempted to change her travel plans on the Internet. The couple had been due to travel to Florida on vacation.

The court heard that the family computer logged onto at 8.44am and that Sheehan created a file to download her then 17-year-old son’s college religion paper. The history then showed that Sheehan proceeded to change a return Delta Flight on websites such as,, and
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The jury heard last week that Sheehan was allegedly dragged out of bed at around 7 am on the morning of the murder because she refused to go to Florida with him.

Prosecutor Debra Pomodore released Sheehan’s mobile phone records which showed she had no communication with her husband that morning, which contradicts her earlier testimonial.

Following on from that she took a two hour break from the Internet and sent her son a text message about his homework.

“I needed to get out of the house and talk to someone, to come up with something so I didn’t have to go,” said Sheehan.

She told the jury she then decided to go back to the family home before her husband realized she was gone as she had decided she was going to leave him for good and wanted to grab some money.

In order to leave the house she had to pass the second floor bathroom at the top of the stairs where her husband was shaving. She then grabbed his gun and tried to sneak out of the house, but he allegedly caught her and pointed his gun at her while threatening to kill her. So she proceeded to shoot him five times with one gun and six times with another. The trial continues.

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