County Wicklow Councillor Pat Casey called on Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin to resign this week due what Casey called his mishandling of the Irish Presidential elections and because of his deep ties to the former Fianna Fail government, which presided over one of Ireland's worst ever economic crisis.

Fianna Fail needs to distance itself from the past and 'renew itself with some fresh faces and fresh ideas,' Casey told the Bray People.

It was Martin's offer of Fianna Fail's support if broadcaster Gay Byrne should join that presidential race that was the last straw for the Councillor Casey.

'I just think he has completely mismanaged the Presidential campaign. A committee was set up to see if the party was to run a candidate for the election. MEP Brian Crowley was basically told not to enter. Then Mr. Martin turns around and backs Gay Byrne before the committee had even come back with a decision.

'I'm annoyed anyway that we always have to set up some sort of committee first, rather than just making a decision and sticking with it.'

A series of false moves over the presidential election were the latest in a series of political gaffes that Casey said forced his hand.


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'We have no future with any members of the party who are associated with the past. I don't care if it's Micheal Martin, Willie O'Dea or Eamon O Cuiv. They are holding us back. We need to draw a line in the past and move forward. That means we have to put in fresh faces, with new ideas so we can make a fresh start.

'At the moment we are just carrying too much baggage. I don't know what we stand for anymore or who we stand for. It seems like we are trying to be everything to everyone.'
Cllr. Casey says he has received a 'few phone calls and emails' from fellow party members supporting his stance. He further feels that Fianna Fail is in danger of alienating its grass roots support base.

'The grass roots are being ignored again. Ministers and Senators have to realize the party is bigger than just them.

'It's just my personal opinion, but I think we are carrying too much baggage. I just don't see how the party can move forward when we are still so closely associated with the past.'

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