The famous yellow-cabs of New York City could soon be introduced to Dublin if potential plans “external branding” go ahead.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is proposing a "distinctive external branding" for Irish taxis "such as a single color," according to the Evening Herald.

The suggestion for all taxis to have the same color was made as part of the NTA’s public consultation process.

If new regulations were introduced, the color of the Irish cabs would be decided at a later date
Taxi regulator Kathleen Doyle appealed to the public for suggestions on how the industry can improve.

"As ever, we are aware that we need to strike a balance between achieving standards that offer the customer confidence, comfort and safety, and allowing industry members to operate successfully in the economic circumstances.

"We want to hear from everyone that has an interest in the industry, including drivers and passengers.

"We will also be meeting stakeholder groups nationwide to get their feedback."

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