Joe Biden was sworn into office yesterday for his second term as Vice President with his prospects of a 2016 presidential candidate never brighter, according to senior political sources.

At a gathering of influential Iowans on Saturday, Biden told the crowd, "I'm proud to be the president of the United States." Could his slip of the tongue suggest he is already considering a 2016?

In the past two months alone, Biden has played a key role in negotiating a deal on the “fiscal cliff” and leading a task force to find a new way to reduce gun violence.

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A CNN Poll released last Wednesday showed his approval rating stands at 59 percent, surpassing President Obama.

The Hill reports that senior officials and Democrats on Capitol Hill view Biden as an important asset.

“Over the last few years people have seen him as he settled into the role,” one senior administration official told the newspaper. “He has grown a lot just by nature of the experiences he’s had.”

Another senior administration official said Obama and Biden “have found a real groove where they complement each other and have a lot of trust in each other.”

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On Capitol Hill, praise for the former Senator was also echoed.

“In an institution where personal relationships are paramount, Joe has a lot of great personal relationships. That’s what has helped him get these deals done,” said Rep. Robert Andrews

One senior official said that the public is now seeing a softer side of Biden.

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“His style is cool now. People want people who can break through and talk to other people. He doesn’t represent trench warfare. He’s the guy who can talk to anyone. I think people are looking for leaders who want to try and rise above it. And they realize he’s appealing and likable and has vast knowledge and experience,” the source told the Hill.

Biden ran for presidency in 1988 and 2008 and will be 73 in 2016, making him the oldest person ever elected president.

What do you think? Would/should Joe Biden run in 2016?