Around 15,000 people a day are looking at, the new online register of residential property prices launched last month in Ireland.

According to, almost 165,000 visitors checked out the website in its first eleven days. On Monday, October 1, the site's first full day of operation, there were 82,398 visits to the site.

The site, which provides the price, address and date of sale on all residential properties purchased in Ireland since January 1, 2010, is produced by Ireland's Property Services Regulatory Authority.

The PSRA, which was set up by Justice Minister Alan Shatter earlier this year to regulate the area, has said that the online register is not supposed to be a property price index but is designed to “provide, on an ongoing basis, accurate prices of residential properties purchased at a particular date."

The PSRA has put up a notice that it does not edit the data but only publishes the figures which are filed by the purchaser's solicitor.

“The Authority acknowledges that there are errors in the data,” says the note. “Where errors are discovered or reported to the Authority they will be taken up with the Revenue Commissioners."

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