Controversial musician Jim Corr has claimed he was ‘bankstered’ after he was forced to pay back over $1.5 million for a land deal that went wrong.

Corr, who has claimed the 9/11 attacks in New York were an ‘inside job," settled a case brought against him by ACC Bank before it went to Dublin’s Commercial Court.

The former guitarist and songwriter of The Corrs, owed the money as part of a consortium who purchased a 97 acre non-residential tract of land in Kilkenny back in 2004.

Corr initially claimed on Facebook that he has had to ‘endure a bankster attack’ after the bank’s actions. And now he has issued a statement, via his website, claiming that ACC Bank picked on him because of his worldwide celebrity.

“I am obviously disappointed that ACC Bank chose not to allow the pending sale of the land to complete without recourse to the courts, but chose instead to press for a judgment at a headline-grabbing figure now,” wrote Corr.

“I guess if you are a bank like ACC and you want to scare everyone that owes you money into paying it back, the hanging of a public figure is an attractive opportunity not to be missed.

“Once the sale of the land is completed, the loan balance remaining would not even move the needle compared to the staggering figures you see in the newspapers every day, so it was now or never if they wanted to leverage their opportunity.”

Corr, who now resides in Bangor in Northern Ireland, also admitted on his website that business is not his forte.

“I freely admit that I am better at writing songs than at business,” wrote the Dundalk-born musician.

“I have not been living in the Republic for some considerable time, so the suggestion that my absence from the country was for the purpose of evading service is just another headline-grabbing exercise.

“The first I heard about the proceedings was from the RTE website. I was happy to pay ACC what I might allegedly owe.”