An Irish footballer who was attacked while on vacation in Boston has received a positive prognosis from doctors.
Damien O’Neill from Co. Cork was due to attend the wedding of his brother in law along with his wife and four children when he was attacked in Boston last Thursday. The cause of the attack is not yet known.
The Bantry Blues footballer sustained head injuries from the attack. He had previously lived in Boston but was but moved home to Bantry and established Willowford Developments, a construction company based in Co. Cork.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, his wife Valerie gave an update on his recovery, "The first thing he said to me was that he wanted to get out of here. He’s talking all the time now; he’s back to the same old Damien."
Valerie was maintained a bed side vigil at Tufts New England Medical Centre in Boston since the attack. She hopes to bring Damien back to Ireland in two weeks along with their four boys who range in age from two to twelve.
Damien, 37 captained Bantry Blues Gaelic football team to two county senior football titles.

Damien O'Neill