House where Jonathan O’Driscoll stabbed his twin brothers will be destroyed

Cork County Council has agreed to demolish the house where 21-year-old Jonathan O’Driscoll fatally stabbed his 9-year-old twin brothers in 2014 before taking his own life. The date for demolition has not yet been set.

“Nobody in their right mind would ever live in that house,” says the boys’ mother Helen O’Driscoll who has been pushing to have the Charleville, Co Cork house destroyed.

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Speaking with the Cork Evening Echo, Helen said that it is tradition in the Travelling community to “burn the barrel top wagon that a person died in,” but that her husband Thomas “would never have done that with the house.”

“He wanted to do things the right way, the legal way, but four years later it is still standing.”

The O'Driscoll home in Charleville, Co Cork

The O'Driscoll home in Charleville, Co Cork

Cork County Council has now agreed to demolish the house, but have not yet set a date for its demolition.

“I am over the moon with the council’s efforts and appreciate this so much. However, we were told four years ago that the house would be demolished, so having a date would mean so much to us.”

Helen added, “It needs to be knocked so my boys can go to God. My kids died innocent but their souls are trapped in there.”

Jonathan O'Driscoll and his brothers Thomas and Patrick

Jonathan O'Driscoll and his brothers Thomas and Patrick

On September 4 2014, Jonathan O’Driscoll stabbed his brothers Thomas and Patrick, 9-year-old twins, to death. Jonathan’s motive was reportedly rooted in jealousy after learning that he was adopted, but that the twin boys were not.

The family’s youngest children raised the alarm to a neighbor shortly after the incident. The twins were each found to have over 40 stab wounds. The same day, Jonathan was found dead in a nearby river, and two knives were recovered from the scene.

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The boys' mother Helen O’Driscoll said she forgives Jonathan for his actions and noted that the eldest boy had mental health issues.

“I had Jonathan for years before I had the boys and there is something about your first child. To me, all three of them were my babies and all three of them always will be my babies. It was just horrific the way things happened.”

Cork County Council has remained committed to the wellbeing of the family following the tragedy. The O’Driscoll’s now live in rented accommodation as the county council works on rehousing the family.

“I took it upon myself to find another place and move out,” said Helen, “because I was thinking of my two other small fellas. They were there on the day the tragedy happened and I didn’t think it was an environment for my boys and me.”

“It wasn’t about me or my husband anymore. It was about the two boys who were living. I needed to look after their well being and mental health.”