Police are looking into the cases of two murdered prostitutes as a possible link to the ten bodies found at Jones, Oak and Gilgo beaches on Long Island, since December last year.

The investigators, headed up by Richard Dormer, the Police Commissioner for Suffolk County and a Laois-born man, are looking at the case of Tanya Rush, a 39-year-old, Brooklyn, victim. They believe there a possibility that her murderer is involved in the murder of the women found between Jones and Oak.

In 2008, on June 27,  the dismembered remains of Rush, a New York prostitute, were found in Bellmore on a grassy should of the Southern State Parkway, according to reports in the NY Post. Her remains were crammed into a small suitcase.

The police are sticking with their theory that at least two killer have dumped a total of eight bodies along the beachfront on Long Island.

Police Commissioner Richard DormerGoogle Images