Convicted killer Walter Morrissey from Callan, Co Kilkenny, has pleaded not guilty to aggravated sexual assault and intentionally or recklessly causing a woman serious harm.

Medical evidence presented by gynaecologist Dr. Ray O'Sullivan said that the woman suffered an injury that you "would more likely see in Sub-Saharan Africa where women have been raped with machetes," quotes The Sun.

He and his colleague wondered how the woman could be alive after such a trauma.

The victim told the court that it was the "worst pain [she] ever felt in [her] life." She spent four months hospitalized. After the arrest, Morrissey, already a registered sex offender, denied that he had caused the injuries but he admitted he had a ninterest in "amateur gynaecology."

The woman, a former partner to Morrissey, said that she was sexually assaulted regularly. She told the court that Morrissey had offered her 10,000 euro to have his child, and that if she refused to have a baby with him, "he'd show [her] the door and [she'd] have nowhere to live."

In addition to the rape charge, Morrisssey has previous convictions for a threat to kill, possession of firearms, seven counts of indecent assault on a woman, double manslaughter, and unlawfully taking a child out of the UK and abducting a 16 year old girl.

Morrissey was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for this assault.