A U.S. based child pageant that has been featured on the controversial TV show ‘Toddlers
& Tiaras’ intends to stage their first ever Irish show this September.

“As seen on Toddlers & Tiaras Television Show, Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant the most talked about Child Beauty Pageant world wide will be in Dublin & Cork, Ireland to host another fantastic GLITZ beauty pageant for babies, toddlers and teens,” a statement from the company said this week.

Texas-based Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant said they are not going to announce where they event will be staged to prevent media backlash, after they were forced to cancel a pageant in Ireland last year.

Universal Royal is the pageant that featured most on the hit TLC show Toddlers & Tiaras, which made a star out of seven-year-old Alana Thompson, known to the world as Honey Boo Boo Child.

Universal Royal boss Annette Hill said she decided to stage the event because there is huge interest from Irish parents.

She told the Irish Examiner: “I can confirm we’re holding our first Irish pageant on September 21. I’m very excited about it and if it’s successful, it’ll become an annual event.

“After the US and Australia, our next biggest fanbase is over in Ireland. I’ve received loads of emails from people in Ireland, who are interested in entering their children in the event. So I’ve no doubt the pageant will be successful.”

“I’ll have about 10 staff with me to set everything up and will hire a security team for the pageant.”

Karmen Walker, age 6, competes in the Southern Celebrity Beauty pageant in Charleston, West VirginiaDiscovery Communications