Conor McGregor became the first UFC fighter to ever hold two belts at the same time after he knocked out Eddie Alvarez in the second round at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday night.

The 28-year-old Irishman added the lightweight title to his own featherweight belt when referee John McCarthy stepped in and stopped the bout with under two minutes of the second round left.

Afterwards, he announced he was becoming a father for the first time and that he wanted a shareholding in the UFC where he is by far the most famous figure in the sport.

BEAST! World class finish. #McGregor #UFCNYC #UFC205

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The UFC fight was the first in the city after the state legalized the sport earlier this year.

In the first round, McGregor tagged Alvarez early with his left hand and dropped him to the canvas several times. Alvarez, a veteran fighter who was expected to give McGregor a real test, showed a lot of spirit to get out of the first round.

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In the second round, every time the Philadelphian tried to take down McGregor, the Irishman was able to easily get out of trouble and get back to striking. McGregor picked his opponent apart, and with a left, decked Alvarez again. The Dubliner went in for the kill and pelted Alvarez with punches until McCarthy stepped in to stop the fight.

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After the fight, "The Notorious" demanded that his belt be brought to the octagon so he could put one on each shoulder. “I am on another level,” he added when asked about the fight.

In his post-fight interview, McGregor, who has traded verbal jibes with a lot of fighters in New York ahead of the fight and he has been known to make some memorable quotes in his time in the UFC, said: “I’ve ridiculed everybody on the roster, and I want to take this chance to apologize to absolutely nobody.”

With his two UFC belts draped over his shoulders, he shouted: “This is what I dreamed into reality... that looks good, oh that looks good, God bless.”