Self-described former criminal and Galway born Irish mobster Patrick Nee won't testify  in the ongoing trial of James "Whitey" Bulger despite being called by Bulger's defense team.

Nee has been named as an accomplice to many of the crimes Bulger is being accused of, including drug and gun running, helping get rid of a body, and murder. Bulger's lawyers will be attempting to reach out to Nee to testify in the trial, reports the Boston Globe.
"He's an eyewitness to many of the core allegations in this case," says Hank Brennan, Bulger's lawyer. "If the government doesn't want to call an eyewitness, we will."
Nee himself hasn't been charged with the offenses because the statute of limitations expired.
However, there are no statute of limitations on murder charges, and it is possible that if Nee testifies about these alleged crimes on the stand, he may find himself charged in state court as a result. it is believed he will refuse to testify on the grounds that he could incriminate himself.
Steven Boozang, Nee's lawyer, says that his client wants "no part of the dog and pony show" and that he will not testify in the trial. "Pat went on with his life and became a productive member of society," says Boozang, adding that "Whitey is a professional con artist," who is just "trying to bring [Nee] down."
Nee served two prison sentences for IRA gun-running and an attempted armored car heist. After being released from a 9-year stint in 2000, Nee has appeared at events for veterans, fund-raisers, and written a book about the mob life called "A Criminal and an Irishman; The Inside Story of the Boston Mob-IRA Connection."
The book is not the only documentation of Nee's criminal past. He will be featured on the Discovery Channel reality show "Saint Hoods" that will document three crews of Boston bookies. This appearance has been met with disdain from some of Bulger's victims, who assert that it is glamorizing the life of criminality.
The Discovery Channel maintains that they are not trying to capitalize on the trial's popularity and that they aren't trying to glamorize the criminals and "are not portraying them as anything other than what they are."