Candidate Howard Kudler (D) has called Congressman Peter King (R) a terrorist collaborator hiding in plain sight.

Candidate for NY 3rd Congressional District, Howard Kudler (D), has released an opinion piece stating that his opponent, incumbent Peter King "has acted as a terrorist collaborator hiding in plain sight".

Mr. Kudler was responding to Mr. King's outrageous statement in Newsday (10-10-10) about his 'friendliness' with terrorist organizations, Mr. Howard Kudler (D) wrote an Op-ed in response to Mr. King's curious statement.

Our Congressman justified having a good friendship with the militant group by saying: "The Irish Republican Army (IRA) were never at war with America."

Mr. Kudler releases this Op-ed statement about Congressman King is connection to active terrorist groups:

"As to the character of the sitting Congressman of the 3rd District, I myself, have been in public service for 26 years. I have never once felt the urge to collaborate with any violent terrorist organizations that believed it necessary to murder innocent women and children just to make a political point.

However, Long Island's Congressman Peter King (3rd CD-NY) has taken money from American military and munitions manufacture's for almost 20 years. Any group that promotes war and destruction would be on his lobbyists' potential customer lists.

In addition, Congressman King has actively collected funds for European terrorists organization for nearly 30 years.

Earlier this year, even the Libyan Leader, Moammar Khadafy had the good conscience to make an offer in of $2.6 Billion in reparations to the victims of Irish Terrorist attacks. As reported in the London Times (and re-released in the NY Post), in June of 2010

Mr. Khadafy admitted that his nation had provided the IRA with weapons and
the explosive SEMTEX

*     the same explosive used to kill Americans on Pan Am Flight 103 @
Lockerbie, Scotland)

*     and to commit deadly attacks on innocents like the ones in Harrods's Department Store and in the streets of Northern Ireland.

*     Khadafy also alleges that Mr. King's 'freedom fighters' were schooled in the latest military techniques in Libya's own terrorist training camps.

Questions are raised on just how much King knew and to what extent of knowledge he had of the IRA's deadly operations.

Mr. King may call himself a "peace-broker", but our Long Island Congressman has worked intimately to support this terrorist organization. In the 1980's, a judge threw Mr. King out of a Belfast courtroom during the murder trial of IRA men because, in the judge's view, "he (Mr. King) was an obvious collaborator with the IRA".

The American people need to know the truth regarding King's claim that he did not know where the planning, and training, weapons came from.

This "peacemaker" claims to have had a high level of involvement with the IRA's operations, however, he claims that he had no knowledge of the terrorists' murderous activities. One must also conclude that Congressman Peter King is either: a liar, an ignorant fool, or a hypocrite.

I will leave it to him to explain to the American people which one he is.

Yes, the U.S. is under the constant threat of dissident attack. This is an unfortunate truth for all of us. Yet, note that Mr. King's political agenda requires him to preface every one of his anti-terrorist statements with the word 'Islamic'. The U.S. Congressman converts one of the world's largest religions into the enemies of America, just to win himself votes in a political arena. Our legislator stirs up over-the-top hatred, bigotry and religious phobias. He brings on a new age of fear worthy of McCarthyism and Nazi Germany.

All this while some would say, Peter King himself has acted as a terrorist collaborator hiding in plain sight. It wasn't until 2005 that Mr. King had to distance himself from the IRA because of their suspicious connection to Arab suppliers.

As a Congressman, I would never violate the American trust in such a manner. I would never support any American politician who has supported terrorists or murderers of innocent families.

That is one of the reasons why neither I, nor any member of my family would not vote for the return of Congressman King to office."