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Here is the full message received by Joe Coleman during the apparition in Knock on the March 10, 2010:

"Blessings my sweet child

"Today I surround you and give you many graces. I take away the hurt you carry in your heart. You’re stronger now my loved one. Stronger than before. You are surrounded with God love and protection. All of your angels are here with you today not because you desire them to be but because they decide to be with you today to ease your burden.

"It is my father’s will that you be strong for your work. For you my sweet child the heavens have opened you will fee much strong now peace with you. You notice today I have tears in my eyes. I am sad for my priests here at Knock. You must tell my children to continue to pray for them with all your heart.

"Today my most Holy Rosary was interrupted. The work of the Deceiver. This was a test for my people. Tell them they must not let this distract from saying my most powerful Holy Rosary as the power of prayer makes the evil one cringe.

"My child, time has come now for conversion. Changes have begun especially here at Knock I have told you many times the foundations have been rocked. They will continue to be rocked worldwide.

"My son Jesus the Christ hurts so much when his beloved consecrated disciples disobey his father’s commandments. My sweet child my message must go out to my people worldwide for this is most.

"My people must gather in multitudes at the Holy Shrine in Knock on Tuesday 11 May 2010. My Holy Rosary must be recited at 2pm in all churches throughout Ireland."