The garda (Irish police officer) who was shot in New Orleans on Tuesday while on vacation with his father had befriended a stranger just beforehand, he told New Orleans investigators.

Brian Hanrahan (32) and his father were out drinking in New Orleans’ bustling French Quarter until 4 am, when his father decided to head back to their hotel. Hanrahan, who wanted to stay out, then met an “unknown subject” who offered to take him to a party in the Seventh Ward, where Hanrahan was shot twice.

According to New Orleans authorities, the subject led Hanrahan two miles away from the vibrant and crowded French Quarter to the intersection of New Orleans and North Tonti streets. From the middle of Bourbon Street, this dark walk takes approximately 40 minutes.

Hanrahan first stopped to retrieve $200 from an ATM; the reason for the transaction hasn’t been explained. It has also not yet been confirmed whether the Limerick man, who admitted to being quite drunk, was suspicious of his new acquaintance.

Once in the Seventh Ward, Hanrahan was approached by two gunmen who demanded his money – when Hanrahan refused, the suspect shot him in the leg and in the lower spine.

Police responded to reports of a shooting at 5:40 a.m and found him laying in the driveway of a home. He is expected to make a full recovery.

The suspects went through his pockets, removed the $200 but left his phone and credit cards, and fled together on foot, police said.

The New Orleans Police Department released a surveillance video (below) showing the suspects fleeing the scene on foot.

“This is not New Orleans; this is not Louisiana,” a local resident said. “We are fun-loving people and we encourage tourists, regardless of where you’re from.”

“All we ask you to do is be a little more conscious as to your surroundings,” he continued, “and be a little more conscious as to who you talk to, where you’re going, and who you’re going with.”

Attorney Adrian D'Arcy, president of Irish Network New Orleans (IN-NOLA), visited Hanrahan and his father at the hospital where he is expected to stay at least a week. The group has set up a fundraiser to assist the family with travel and medical expenses.

Honorary Consul of Ireland in Louisiana James F. McKay III reports additional fundraising efforts by The Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Emerald Society, as well as a dinner at the Irish House restaurant.