On September 4, Self Help Africa in conjunction with the Glynn Hospitality Group hosted their inaugural ‘Cheeseburgers in Paradise’-themed End of Summer bash. The event took place at the Central Wharf Co. located in downtown Boston with live music by the Nemes Band.

"The evening was a huge success," said Self Help Africa's Michelle Serpa. "We were really happy with the turn out and everyone seemed to have had a great time. There is nothing better than enjoying a Thursday evening knowing that at the same time you are helping people thousands of miles away.”

Serpa further remarked " We wish to thank local businesses and sponsors who were on hand to contribute to the festivities, including; Roche Brothers supermarkets; Deep Eddy Vodka and Jameson Irish Whiskey, Narragansett and High & Mighty Beer, Irish Network-Boston and the Boston Irish Business Association, Roche Bros Super Markets, Central Wharf and the Glynn Hospitality Group. Also, a thank you to our local Advisory Board, Junior Advisory Board and Committee who gave us tremendous support."

Adding "We will be back soon with another fun event. Stay tuned!"

Established 30 years ago, Self Help Africa works in ten countries in sub-Saharan Africa. From Burkina Faso to Zambia, Self Help Africa works with nearly three million people in rural parts of Africa, helping them to increase farm production and establish small non-farm businesses, through a mixture of training, business advice and small loans.

For more information or to learn more about upcoming events, please visit www.selfhelpafrica.org or contact Michelle Healy Serpa at mhealy@selfhelpafrica.org.