The stress, anxiety and worry of having a loved one who has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol (or drugs, or other addictive behavior) can have physical, emotional, social, and spiritual consequences. Family members and friends who are affected by the impact of someone else’s addictive behavior often feel confused, frustrated, angry, helpless, and completely exhausted.

The reality of alcohol addiction is that the vast majority of people in the United States and in Ireland are quite uneducated regarding how alcoholism affects the entire family. Tens of millions of families grapple with this reality every day, and the vast majority of them do not know what to do or where to turn for help.

In Ireland, The RISE Foundation, founded in 2009 by renowned Irish singer Frances Black, is a leading proponent of family recovery. Focused solely on family members of those with addictive behavior, RISE (Recovery In a Safe Environment) is dedicated to helping family members free themselves from that stress and anxiety of having a loved one with addictive behavior and to understand the nature of addiction and the profound effects it has on relationships. Frances has been a huge supporter of Sober St. Patrick’s Day®. In fact, she made a special trip to NYC this past March 17th to appear as a surprise guest at the Manhattan event.

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