IrishCentral is proud to support the new website which offers visitors the opportunity to submit and read stories of COVID-19 heroes from across America. 

Northwoods, a Milwaukee-based digital marketing and software development agency, and CelticMKE, home to Milwaukee Irish Fest, the world’s largest celebration of Celtic music and culture, have teamed up to launch a new website,, to honor everyday Americans who are on the front lines, supporting those on the front lines, or inspiring others during COVID-19. IrishCentral is delighted to be working with as their media partners.

Visitors to the website can submit a hero and read stories and see photos of heroes who are featured. Examples of heroes include but aren’t limited to medical professionals, volunteers, grocery store workers, law enforcement officials, retail clerks, restaurant staff, delivery drivers, utility workers, teachers, business owners, community members inspiring others, and more. 

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In addition to honoring heroes on the website, the two organizations plan to celebrate all frontline heroes in a variety of ways, including a special recognition ceremony and private concert that will take place at the 2021 Milwaukee Irish Fest. Anyone who worked on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic and each person who submitted their hero's story on the website will be recognized at the festival. More details will be shared as soon as they are available. is just one small way that our organizations could join forces to create an avenue to honor real-life heroes – our front line workers risking their own health during COVID-19 to keep the rest of us safe. The beauty of this website is that anyone can submit a frontline hero – whether they work or live in the Milwaukee area, Wisconsin, or elsewhere in the country. All of our frontline heroes deserve our deepest appreciation and thanks,” said Mike Mitchell, executive director of Milwaukee Irish Fest.

Patrick Bieser, president and founder of Northwoods, said, “It was important to both of our organizations to contribute something valuable to the COVID-19 effort. Because Northwoods provides website design and development, and Milwaukee Irish Fest has a venue by which we can give additional recognition to our heroes, it seemed like a perfect way to come together to celebrate those who are working so hard to keep us safe, healthy, positive and inspired.”

Visit to honor your hero today! 

If you know someone working on the frontlines, please consider sharing their story on We are beyond grateful for the sacrifices these frontline workers have made to keep us all safe.

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* Originally published May 4, 2020.