Live on the Larry and Joe Show from New York City ... twas I speking about life, universe and oh yes blockchain.

Larry and Joe are firm favorites with Blockchain enthusiasts.  Their weekly show comes live from New York City and they have an array of different guests including John McAfee and more recently Joe Arthur, CEO of the Irish ICO, Mingo.

So when I get onto the Larry and Joe Show from New York City their audio is low that I just keep right on talking about life, universe and oh yes blockchain...  Cos did I mention Blockchain saved my life!

Originally the live show was scheduled to start at 1130pm but they changed around their schedule to start at 530pm instead - that was a relief and I still got to watch the end of the Leinster Scarlets rugby final in the Pro14 held in the Aviva  - Leinster won in case you wondered.

The interview started - a bit Tristam Shandy-ish - with my early career before heading over to the past decade where I was not alone in experiencing the turbulence of the fallout from the Celtic Tiger.  Once we got that out of the way we spoke about the way Blockchain can and will change the world.  

To view other of their interviews - head over to their youtube channel for their unique brand of interviewing.

Thanks guys :-) 

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