After a successful event in TD Garden last year the Ultimate Fighter Championship is returning once again to Boston on January 18, 2015.

Dublin native, Conor "The Notorious" McGregor is headlining the show in a fight against Russian-German featherweight fighter, Dennis Siver. A win will pave the way for the Irish UFC star to compete for the Featherweight belt next year against current holder, Jose Aldo.

McGregor is 4-0 in his UFC career and maintains a solid 16-2 overall mixed martial arts record.

The Irish Emigrant spoke to McGregor during his two day whirl-wind promotional visit to Boston and the charismatic fighter discussed his upcoming fight against Siver, the city of Boston, the growth of mixed martial arts in his home country and the UFC returning to Ireland in summer 2015.

Welcome back. What are your thoughts on returning as part of the UFC's headline fight in Boston this January?

Conor: I cannot wait, the last time I was here it was a special occasion, the Irish Americans here are passionate about their Irish pride. I felt that the last time I was here, so to come back as the headline, it is a dream come true, I am honored.

What are your thoughts on fighting in a city with such deep Irish roots?

For me, this is Irish America. It's that simple. I feel like I am fighting at home.

Do you think having a home crowd cheering you on  will make a huge difference to you on the night?

It is definitely an added bonus. Although for me, I personally can go into a hostile environment either way, passion is passion, whatever way it comes out, if its for me or against me, it gives me energy. I take from it either way. I am enjoying the fact, this time it will be with me.

Your upcoming opponent, Dennis Siver, is not a fan of your trash talk and was quoted as saying it is "inappropriate."

I don't know, he shouldn't really talk because he is a convicted cheat. He wasn't even caught on steroids; he was caught on the stuff that hides the steroids from the test. I cannot respect a man like that.

So for him to say my talk is inappropriate, I think that is inappropriate. He needs to be quiet.

I will retire him on January 18.

You are known for talking big but how do you stay grounded?

I have a small circle of people that I listen to and I am humble to those close to me, and I am cocky and arrogant to those who doubt me.

I have no problems in staying humble, I believe in my abilities, simple as that.

I feel that I am not just spouting stuff that isn't true, I am saying it as it is and I am saying how I am going to beat my opponent and then I am going and doing it.

The UFC has a huge following in Ireland; do you think there has been a growth in MMA since your success took off?

I definitely think it is growing [in Ireland] and with the success of myself and the other competitors coming through it is only the beginning. I see kids coming with their parents backing now, parents are in the gym overlooking their [children's] sessions, they never had that before, I never had that before.

Where your parents concerned about your MMA ambitions?

Most certainly. They were worried about me as most parents would be, but it is good now. I have the opportunity to retire my parents early, to put their feet up. Life is good!

I done what I said I was going to do and I believe the next generation will be phenomenal too.

Your coach at Straight Blast Gym in Dublin, John Kavannagh, seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to Irish MMA stars with not only having trained you but also up and coming Irish UFC fighter, Aisling Daly.

He can see moves a little bit clearer than other people [I feel]. He thinks differently about the game. I have been with John for years.

Times are good, I am happy to see my team-mates, my coach and everyone, Ireland to be put on the map and the get the recognition that we deserve. Before me, we weren't on the map for mixed martial arts, we weren't known, now I have people crumbling under me, so it's a beautiful thing.

Now they know of the fighting Irish.

You returned to Ireland in July [2014] to headline a homecoming fight at The O2 which sold out in a matter of hours. There is plenty of speculation that you will return in 2015 to fight in either Croke Park or the Aviva Stadium. Can you tell me if there is any truth to these rumors?

I don't know if I can tell you that.

Go on, from one Irish to another.

I am fighting here in January 18.

And, I believe we will fight in Croke Park, in early summer. It is a vision I have. And my vision seems to come true.

Final words of advice for young kids starting out in MMA

Work hard, believe in your ability and stay out of the feather weight division until I am gone because there is only room for one.

And for your fans

Thank you to my supporters, it is humbling every day.

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