Senior Moments

by Audrey Larkin; Interim Senior Program Coordinator

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The Senior program returns this week with Cara Club on Mondays in Brighton and Café Eireann on Wednesdays in Dorchester. We look forward to seeing you all back after the Summer break.

Immigration and U.S. Citizenship News

by Kieran C. O’ Sullivan; Immigration Counselor

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August good news stories

We’re happy to report that we’ve closed out a number of cases in August. Irish immigrants have been granted legal permanent residency, US visas, and US citizenship following our intervention. Congratulations to Steven in Carver who was sworn in as a US citizen on Thursday in Boston; to Sue in Florida who became a legal permanent resident this week after an interview at USCIS, and to Lisa who obtained her B visa from USCIS.

Changing address with USCIS petitions pending

This week a person contacted me as he had just filed a Form I-751 to remove the conditional status on his legal residency card. He is moving to a new apartment this month. We informed him that it was very important that he take the necessary steps to inform USCIS of his new address. Over the years I’ve seen so many cases delayed because interview notices, employment cards and green cards were sent to residences no longer used by applicants.

Form AR-11 is the USCIS change of address form and it is available free of charge on the USCIS website at We urge all legal immigrants including those on temporary visas (For example F students, J exchange visitors, L1 transferees, H-1B professionals) to report changes of address. Always keep copies for your records. There is no fee for filing it. The form can be filed on line or by mail.

While doing your change of address online, you can also update your address on any pending or recently approved application or petition at the same time using the USCIS Online Change of Address system. The Online Change of Address system will first prompt you to complete the Form AR-11. Once you complete the Form AR-11, the system will prompt you to complete the second step and update your address on any pending or recently approved applications and petitions.

If you have outstanding or recently approved applications or petitions and do not complete this second step, you will still need to update your address on pending or recently approved applications or petitions by calling 1-800-375-5283 or by returning to the online system at a later time.

Other information on the entire process can be viewed at As always, we advise readers to use care on the internet because people are getting scammed every day paying fees for forms that are free at the USCIS site.


It is also important that people clearly post their names on mailboxes at new residences because mail carriers may not deliver Department of Homeland Security mail unless this is the case.

September Legal Clinic

Many people who turn to us for assistance on immigration and U.S. citizenship forms attend our free clinics for free forms review before filing petitions and applications. We had a strong turnout at our August clinic. Thanks to our volunteers and attorneys who continue to support our work and the needs of the community. We will be having another free legal clinic at the Banshee, 934 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester, on Tuesday September 2nd at 6:30PM.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained in it is provided to inform generally, and is not intended as a substitute for individual advice. Immigration law is subject to frequent changes and individual circumstances can affect the application of certain legal provisions. For individual legal advice, please contact the Irish Pastoral Centre directly regarding upcoming legal clinics or consultation with an immigration attorney.

Thank You

The Irish Pastoral Centre would like to acknowledge the generosity of the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Program for their continued support to the Irish Pastoral Centre. Also thank you to the generosity of the Community for their continued financial support.


By Sr. Marguerite Kelly; Pastoral Associate

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22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Perhaps today should be called “Prophecy Sunday”. We start with Jeremiah. Prophecy was not a job he wanted. “You tricked me Lord” he tells God. And what did he get? Derision and reproach. Why? Well the job of a prophet was not to serve as fortune teller (as perhaps we might think). It was to be God’s spokesperson, to tell people they are not doing what God wants, that they are not running the world the way God intended it to be run.

A prophet’s job did not stop with words though. A prophet was to show by his/her life how God wanted people to live and govern. A prophet had to “walk the walk”. And a prophet was to witness God’s vision for humanity to those in charge – at obvious risk to the prophet’s physical health. Nobody likes to hear that his priorities are wrong, especially those who are in a position of power.

Jesus was a prophet (He was more than that, of course, but prophet was the role He played as God incarnate). He anticipates His fate as a prophet in today’s gospel (“suffers greatly from the rulers”) and He straightens Peter out, Peter who, like Jeremiah, would rather that their prophetic message would be received with joy and gratefulness. Dreamer!

As Jesus’ role was to be a prophet, so is the Church’s - first in its early days, but no less today. God clearly wants us to hear the prophets among us and to take what they say seriously- however uncomfortable it may make us feel. Ministry Robert p. Heaney