After a six-month-long campaign, this missing dog was finally reunited with his family.

In April 2018, Buddy, the beloved dog of Kerry native Emer O’Daly, went missing in the Maharees, a wild and remote part of Kerry.

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A neighbor, Leo, had taken Buddy for a walk, but during the walk Leo had a diabetic seizure and collapsed, reports. The scared dog ran off into the sand dunes.

The local community came together to try and locate the dog — they even used night vision cameras and drones — but no one could find him.

However, even as the summer months passed and finding Buddy become more unlikely, Emer and her family never gave up hope.

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On October 5, Emer got the phone call she had been praying for — someone had found Buddy and he was coming home. 

Emer says she is tremendously grateful to the community who never gave up on finding Buddy.

H/T People of Ireland

*Originally published October 2018