Jason Quigley, the rising star of Irish boxing is set to make his Massachusetts debut on October 30 at the Plymouth Memorial Hall.

The Irish middle-weight boxer will make his third professional appearance as part of the under-card of “Monster Brawl”, a co-promotion between Golden Boy Promotions and Murphy's Boxing.

“I am definitely looking forward to arriving in Boston,” Quigley told The Irish Emigrant during a phone-call from his California base.

“As soon as it was announced, it just became massive. I feel like the whole of Ireland might be there,” joked the Donegal native.

“For me, going to fight in Boston will be like going home.”

Of course, it is not hard to imagine why the Irish boxer might feel that he will be fighting in front of a home crowd when he takes to the ring on October 30.

The state of Massachusetts is considered to have one of the biggest Irish immigrant community’s in America and with his impeccable fighting history, boxing fans of both the American and Irish boxing scene will be eager to see the middle-weight boxer in action.

In 2013, the fighter won Gold at the European Amateur Boxing Championships before continuing to the AIBA World Amateur Boxing Championships where he became the first Irishman in history to claim a silver medal at that level.

In April 2014, it was announced Quigley was turning professional and the boxing ace signed a promotional contract with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions, and a management agreement with Sheer Sports Management in Los Angeles. The 23-year-old now trains out of Carson Beach in California.

“Sometimes I think it is all a bit of a dream,” the humble sportsman says about the last 12 months. “I wake up and pinch myself.”

“To have someone like De La Hoya, someone that every boxer wants to meet, to say to you “I have great faith in you” is unbelievable. He is an absolute legend”

The boxer traveled to L.A with his father and coach, Conor, but so far, the middle-weight figher says training has remained similiar to what he was doing back in his home club of Finn Valley.

“My dad has been coaching me for seven years, and we have a great routine,” Quigley said. “It won’t probably be until I am stepping up to eight and nine rounds that there will be a huge difference in my training.”

One advantage that relocating to L.A has afforded the dedicated sportsman an opportunity to train with the best fighters currently on the American boxing circuit.

“I am getting to train with top class fighters, getting the opportunity to spar with fighters on the verge of world title shots, it’s a great experience.”

Becoming a part of Irish sporting history, claiming medals on behalf of your country, being signed by De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotion, all has meant that where Quigley’s name goes, so too does the media coverage. For many being thrust into the spotlight might be un-nerving, however the Finn Valley boxer remains unperturbed.

"It’s all in the way you take it. It is a lot of publicity but I just take it as a boost of confidence," admits the Ballybofey athlete.

His eagerly anticipated fight in Plymouth this week sees the Irish middle-weight pitted against another newcomer to the professional boxing scene, Miami's Sergio Cadeus. When asked if he has studied his opponents fighting style , Quigley says it is something that he hasn’t really done.

“You know I am just concentrating on my own performance, on my own game plan, and my opponents can concentrate on studying me.”

Sounds like fighting talk but the Irish fighter says for him it’s pretty simple “Talk is cheap; you have to be able to back it up in the ring.”

The former Irish European Amateur Champion and World Championship finalist may have only just turned professional but with a perfect record of 2-0 against middle weight fighters, American Howard Reece and Mexican Fernando Najera, Quigley has big dreams.

“What stands out in my head is ‘World Champion’.....”

“I want to become a legend. They are a wee bit before my time but I want to be up there with other Irish greats like Wayne McCullough, Steve Collins and of course, Barry McGuigan."

"I want to become part of that list.”

But for now, Quigley is soley focused on Thursday's fight night at Plymouth Memorial Hall where he wants "to wear the tri-color with pride and do my country proud" in a fight that he is eager to win in front of an expected large Irish crowd.

For more information on the "Monster Brawl" boxing event please visit Murphysboxing.com or call Mark Porter on 617-719-6729.