Following on from commitments at the second Global Irish Civic Forum in May, Minister of State for the Diaspora, Ciarán Cannon TD, has launched the first edition of the Global Irish Diaspora Directory.

“This is a great initiative which has been developed to meet a real desire among our diaspora to connect better with home and with each other around the world.”

“Ultimately the purpose of this Diaspora Directory is to help Irish Diaspora organizations improve their communications and collaboration with each other, and to assist people looking to reach out to Irish organizations abroad.”

The Diaspora Directory includes the details of Irish community welfare, culture and heritage and networking groups in 34 countries. Minister Cannon said:

“For the first time, we are able to showcase the diversity of work that the Irish diaspora is engaged in and I’m pleased to see such excellent representation from groups engaging in frontline welfare services as well as those who are working tirelessly to preserve our heritage and culture overseas.”

Ciaran Cannon, TD

Ciaran Cannon, TD

In total there are 360 organizations listed in the Directory, comprising all organizations that have been funded in the last five years by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s annual €11.59 million Emigrant Support Programme. In addition, any organization that was represented at the 2015 or 2017 Global Irish Civic Forum is also included in the Directory.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has a strong commitment to upholding best practice in data protection and for this reason, all the details in the directory have been sourced from publicly available information.

Explore the directory here