A 101-year-old woman from County Monaghan has received an unexpected call for jury duty. 

Evy Boylan received a letter on April 22 to be called on the court circuit in Monaghan on June 5. 

Her daughter Frances McKenna, who opened the letter, described Evy as a "mighty woman" but said she was not able for jury duty.

The letter included a note stating that failure to comply with the jury summons could result in a penalty of €500. 

McKenna told BBC News Northern Ireland that she immediately took action to ensure that her mother wasn't fined. 

"I thought, 'This is not happening. What do I do?" McKenna told the BBC. 

She said she contacted a solicitor who informed her that she could send back a form providing details of why her mother could not attend court. 

However, McKenna remained worried that the form would be "lost in the post", promoting her to ring the Courts Service of Ireland directly. 

"I phoned a number at the bottom of the letter. I spoke to an actual human being and explained that my mother is in her 102nd year.

"She said, ‘Oh is she coming?’ I went, ‘What do you think?’" 

McKenna revealed that the woman eventually said that Evy could be excused from jury duty. 

McKenna said she became "anxious" about the letter and added that she was worried about older people who have received a similar summons. 

Anyone over the age of 18 who is on the Register of Electors is eligible to be summoned for jury duty. Those over the age of 65 remain eligible for jury duty but can ask to be excused, while people with medical issues can also ask to be excused. 

McKenna has called for the Courts Service to consider a person's age and personal details before sending out a jury summons in the future.